Thursday, July 31, 2008

Now is the time to Invest!

Alternative transit is seeing the highest investment records... this area is rumored to eclipse the internet boom of the 90's by ten percent with a bull market that is 3 times larger... Renewable and alternative energy, just by itself, is expected to account for about $20 trillion in wealth creation in the next 5 to 7 years!

According to the $20 Trillion Report....


We are MASS TRAM AMERICA, please check out what we can do for your own investment purposes and the future of your community.

Monday, June 30, 2008


Ride into a greener future with

M a s s T r a m A m e r i c a

A tested suspension based tram transport system
that is energy positive.

Image by John Ritter

Welcome aboard!
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A non-stop no-hassle trip.

Traveling at high speeds.

Luxury seating.

Low prices.

Powered by wind and solar energy.

No more stressful airports.

No high gas prices.

No more travel worries!

I bet your car can't do this...

  • Powered by renewable energy sources, it is 100% pollution free, self-sufficient and highly resistant to power failure, fire, flood and weather conditions.
  • Solar cells generally come with a 20+ year warranty, making system maintenance minimal and infrequent.

  • With redundant safety systems, using space-age technology as a model, Mass Tram presents a safe, efficient means of travel.

  • Every unit operates independently of the system, and is fixed to a track with a specific route, making danger of terrorist activity low compared to our current aviation system.

  • Thousands of American jobs will be created to revamp aircrafts, purchase and install solar equipment, wind turbines and equipment, erect the rail system, and to engineer system design.
  • Customer service jobs will be created to serve passengers. Parking attendants, retail shop owners, managers and employees, security, agents, and many more positions will be created.

  • De-commissioned Boeing airliners can be purchased reasonably (see cost analysis); the system will quickly pay for itself.
  • Surplus solar and wind-generated electricity can be sold back to the respective power companies, generating yet more income for Mass Tram America and helping our nation reach renewable energy goals.

  • The Mass Tram can be built quickly. It could be operational within a few years.

  • Mass Tram America travels at speeds of 100-200 mph, significantly decreasing travel time.

  • Emergency response in remote locations can be implemented using Mass Tram lines.

  • The low cost of running the system translates into low fares for passengers. This would lure more people away from reliance on automobiles, whether commuting to work or traveling across the country. However, passengers will have the option of bringin their cars with them when using Mass Tram, for transport when they arrive at their destinations.

  • The estimated cost of building the Mass Tram system is far lower than current transportation systems.

  • This system is the solution to America ’s troubled highway system in so many ways: traffic fatalities, rising gas prices, road construction and weather conditions will not burden its passengers.